production young audiences with mari kvien brunvoll


A performance in an exhibition for children from 0 – 3 years old

Through explorations in sound and movement, figures appear in a landscape of artworks in the exhibition space. Sudden silences in sound, make the attention of the audiences wonder between bodies movements and the artworks by which the bodies are surrounded.

Without words, but with inquisitive interaction, Mirte Bogaert and Mari Kvien Brunvoll are creating a space for lingering in relation to the exhibition. They open up for experiencing the exhibition with all senses, creating more or less random connections between the exhibition, their bodies and the sound.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll is blending voice, acoustic objects and instruments reinforced by electronic helping means. Mirte Bogaert is dancing.

Creation and performance: Mari Kvien Brunvoll (music), Mirte Bogaert (dance) Co-produced by: KODE – Art museums and composer homes Supported by: Bergen Kommune, Den Kulturelle Bæremeisen, Bergen Dansesenter – Regional Center for Dance, Astrup Center Bergen

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  • © Dag Fosse/KODE
  • © Dag Fosse/KODE
  • © Dag Fosse/KODE
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