The Rehearsal

commission théâtre brétigny / vincent thomasset


The Rehearsal, based on a video recording of a conductor conducting an orchestra, is a performance where dance and music are interwoven with each other. Inspired by both the context and structure of a rehearsal, as well as the gestures and body presence of the conductor leading the orchestra, Bogaert translates observations into movement, sound and dramaturgy. As opposed to the conductor indicating how the music should be played, Bogaert worked from the point of departure of dialogue between movements and sounds in The Rehearsal. Sound design and development of the movement materials were happening parallel and informed each other in the creation of The Rehearsal. This results in a performance where rhythm is the key element, translated in movements and sounds.

Creation and performance: Mirte Bogaert Sound design: Stephan Meidell Co-production: Théâtre Brétigny (FR), Bergen Dansesenter – Regional Center for Dance (NO) Support: Bergen Kommune Many thanks: Vincent Thomasset, Floris Bogaert, Liv Basberg, Lisa Nøttseter, Sølvi Katrine Andersen, Nicola Gunn, Marit Loe Bjørnstad, Karen Eide Bøen

La beauté du geste is an event organised by Théâtre Brétigny and curated by Vincent Thomasset, that wishes to cross the traditional forms of presenting performances. It is focussing on the relations between artists, place and inhabitants. 6 inhabitants were filmed while executing their jobs. These 6 videos are the point of departure for 6 artists to create a dance performance based on the gestures of these 6 people.

Curated by: Vincent Thomasset Artists: Daphné Biiga Nwanak, Mirte Bogaert, Lorenzo De Angelis, Martine Pisani, Zoé Philibert, Vincent Thomasset Co-produced by: Théâtre Brétigny

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