Counting Backwards

production by alwynne prithcard


In Counting Backwards, the virtuosic musicians of BIT20 Ensemble surround the audience, creating an immersive concert experience. Through the stillness a child’s voice speaks, echoed by a choir. Sound of water, stones, wood are present in the space. Counting backwards.

As she ruminates on our ability as a species to effect change, Alwynne challenges herself as a composer to unravel her own knowledge, to find new ways of working. Writing a piece unlike her previous work, she challenges herself to create new symbologies and mythologies. She tries to find a way to optimism through grief.

Presented in collaboration with BIT20 Ensemble

Commission supported by Kulturrådet

Composer: Alwynne Pritchard Ensemble: BIT20 Ensemble Conductor: Jack Sheen Voice, narrator & vocals: Alwynne Pritchard Child narrator: Dulcie Pugh Movement: Alexander Fiske Fosse, Gunhild Sannes Larsen, Mirte Bogaert and Philipo Njaidi Movement consultant: Mirte Bogaert Sound: Thorolf Thuestad Lights: Silje Grimstad Voice coaching: Victoria Pritchard Field recording: Michele Braga

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