As you like it (working title)

research and production

2024 - 2025

As you like it is a solo-project by Mirte Bogaert, currently in research phase. As you like it seeks to examine spaces where the female body is objectified, viewed or exhibited and looks at the exchange between performer and spectator to explore the politics of sexual consent. From the experience of the performer, through its performance and to the perspective of the spectator. The research takes point of departure in performance in striptease theatres and clubs, as well as perspectives on (female) sexuality and its performance from the Edo Era and after, in Japan.

As you like it and Sensual Novelty (working title) are two projects running parallel and thereby actively exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Many thanks to: Lilach Orenstein, Bergen Dansesenter, Tomoko Seto, Daisuke Muto, Ive Stevenheydens

Supported by:

Bergen Dansesenter / MOtiVE Brooklyn, PAHN

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