Sjøveien (by sea)

production by karen eide bøen


From the window, big cargo ships and passenger ferries can be seen coming and going, according to their sailing schedules. Over time one develops a relationship with these boats, and their rhythms. They make a connection to the continent; a kind of breathing, in and out, to and from the rest of the world. As if one is taking part in the voyage every day without ever physically leaving town.

Sjøveien (By sea) is a dance piece using the room as a map where the dancers navigate by coordinates, choreography and distractions. The work is inspired by life in the periphery, with its dreams, wanderlust and longing. A text is broken up into many small pieces – floating out in time and space: words become images, colours, gestures, shifts, movement, gaze, tone, sound.

The surfaces of the body separate as well as connect the body to other surfaces, which we see with our eyes or feel with skin and weight. What is hidden and what is shown? How do we imagine what we haven’t seen? How do we imagine what we have only dreamed of?

The gaze dances across the surfaces of the room. Across the floor, the ceiling, the skin. Out of the window and far away. The huge ships out there know where they are going and where they are coming from. They know how to turn around and how to dock. Tiny little people in bright colours run forth to moor the ships. Clear colours. Big moves. They grab the attention and we become background dancers.

Choreography: Karen Eide Bøen Dance: Mirte Bogaert and Elisabeth Breen Berger Music: Mari Kvien Brunvoll Costume/set: Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg Light design: Randiane Sandboe Process advisor: Marit Loe Bjørnstad Dramaturgical consultant: Sara Bruteig Olsen Producer: Ine Terese Hogstad Co-producers: BIT Teatergarasjen and Bergen Dansesenter

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