Mirte Bogaert is a Belgian dance artist, based in Bergen, Norway. She graduated from School for New Dance Oslo in 2014, and finished her studies at Research Studios 2017-2018 at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.

In recent years she has focused on combining voice work and movement in choreographic structures. Bringing together this interest in sound and movement, Mirte’s recent areas of research have been the ideas of perception as listening with all senses, and imagination as creation. In this research, text is seen as a score for dance, sound and the audience’s imagination. This work employs techniques of displacement, relativizing and blurring the borders between reality and imagination, between past, present and future and between spaces here and spaces there.

Together with Vincent Stephen, she established the interdisciplinary performing arts company The Fourth Stage in 2016. They premiered All The Wave Was In A Flame in 2017 and Put Out The Light in 2018.

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